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Review about Testocore Advanced Testosterone booster

I have seen many people using supplements and taking hard exercise to build there muscles but actually they are wasting their precious time and money on this. No doubt taking exercise is an essential element of gaining strong muscles but without good diet it is useless to do so. Most of the people take steroids and medicines to grow their muscles and enhance their ability but all these steps are harmful for them and they do not know about this fact. Today the product about which I m going to share with you is the revolution in the world of supplements. This product shows the admirable results and meets your desires. This product is miraculous and has the element testosterone which plays a vital role in the growth of muscles. If you once experienced the low testosterone then you are lucky that you have the formula of Testocore Advanced. I am sure that after use of this formula for the one time you must share this to your age fellows and peers and most likely they will be in the same boat.


How Testocore Advanced can change things

If you are curious about the role and results of Testocore Advanced hen you must take one bite of the bullet. Without experiencing this product you will not reach to some results. After take one pill of Testocore Advanced you will notice a quite change in your performance. First of all it increases your libido then improves your working. If you will not able to notice some positive change in yourself then ask to your wife she surely tells you about the improvement.
You might be happy to hear that your libido issues are not as severe as before. Testocore Advanced helps you to increase your muscle mass. It means that you have not any responsibility to take hard gym. You might take more dosage of Testocore Advanced as its suits you but don’t worry it is quite natural and healthy.


Testocore Advanced for male use

Testocore Advanced is purely made for males. All ingredients used in production of this product are natural and healthy. Testocore Advanced increase the testosterone level in males body which is called low –T. once man hits the age of 30 the testosterone level decreases which was at the peak in teen ages or at the age of 20. When there is the low testosterone in the body then its symptoms is poor sexual performance, lower libido and mood changes. If you meet any one of these symptoms then you have low testosterone. Testocore Advanced have ingredients named Testofen and Tribulus Terrestis. Testocore Advanced helps to maintain healthy testosterone level in the body which results in the better sexual performance, increase in libido and promote energy metabolism in the body.

Testocore Advanced play a vital role in man’s life

When a man hits the age of 3o years it is natural drop of the testosterone level in the body. It decreases one percent per year as the life is remaining. The decrease in testosterone links in the reduction of bone and muscle mass, boost up body mass shrinks in the muscle strength, lower level pf libido and poor sexual performance and high risk of heart disease. To help In the fight against all these problems, Testocore Advanced present a patent and natural formula which enhances your abilities and makes your stronger than before. All ingredients in Testocore Advanced like Tribulus Terrestis and Testofen are natural and not harmful and not have any side effects on the body.


No need to consult with doctor

As the man get aged and hit 30 years of his age his testosterone levels dropped from the healthy level. As age increases this reduction in the testosterone level increases. Many of the men consult to doctors to cure this problem but doctors prescribed dangerous gels and testosterone creams which are injurious to heath. The latest and advanced formula of Testocore Advanced contains Tribulus Terrestis and Testofen natural ingredients which encourage your body to make more of testosterone itself.

Low level Testosterone may lead to health problems

As you knows with the increase in age the testosterone levels lower down in the body. But this product Testocore Advanced increases your testosterone level known as T level with use of tribulus terresties and testofen.
By using this product your friends will not call you a girly man. With this useful supplement you will be made man which you meant to be. Increase your libido level, improves your performance and makes sexual performance batter than before.

Don’t need to take morning coffee

Here I am not trying to say that Testocore Advanced also has ingredient of caffeine but actually it promotes the energy and metabolism in the body with the help of vitamins B6 B12. You have notices that the above mention two vitamins are used to metabolize carbohydrates and fats into useable energy for the body which means that you have a big pack of energy for your daily use and don’t need to take coffee for the sake of energy absorption.


Don’t uses Testocore Advanced until read this article?

Testocore Advancedis useful for those men who want to make change in themselves. Who want to improve their sexual performance?
If you are not willing to bring a positive change in your life in your body then don’t take Testocore Advanced male testosterone enhancement supplement. If you are not willing to increase your testosterone level then don’t use Testocore Advanced supplement.
if your are not agree to increase libido level of your body then do not use Testocore Advanced. But keep in mind one thing if you do not experience this product once in your life then you donot understand the benefits of Testocore Advanced. Increased libido levels, improve sexual performance and boost up muscle mass.

Where from I get my Testocore Advanced?

I prefer you to get your Testocore Advanced from its official website that will be more safe way where you immediately received your order



Step 1 – Order Testocore Advanced



Step 1 – Order No2 Surge



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  1. I just want to say I am amazed with Testocore Advanced . It’s great. I started taking it about two months ago and my body has never looked fitter and stronger. I have never had something show such good results and so quickly. I find I am able to spend more time in the Gym without getting tired too. Brilliant!

    • Thanks for the feedback Justin and its good to know you are happy with the results. Other feedback also states that people have found it improves concentration and memory too.

      • hi, ive bought testocore and no2 surge and i was just wondering when the best time to take them are, ive heard testocore in the morning and no2 surge in the evening? is this right?

        • Hi and thanks for the question. What you have heard is correct but we do suggest contacting us via email or phone to get more information about dosage and when to take the supplements to get the best results.

          • Hello! You will get instructions as to how to take the supplement with your trial bottle. It is very simple and requires just a few seconds to take the supplements. There are many great benefits and one of them is how easy it is to take the supplement.

          • Hi please could you give me some solid advise as in when is the best time to take testocore and n02surge thanks

          • Hello and thanks for the great question. Please contact us via email or phone to get more information on when and how much of the supplement you should take.

  2. I have just received my first order of Testocore Advanced and I am a little confused about when I should be taking it. Do I take it in the morning or evening or at some other time and should I take it with food. Can you tell me how and when I should take it?

    • Hi Darius and it’s great to have you on board. The best results come when you take it just before you work out and not at other times, so definitely not with food. Let us know how you get on.

  3. Everyone at my gym is talking about Testocore Advanced and I am a bit confused as to what it is and why it is so successful. What on earth is all the fuss about and is it such a wonder drug as everyone says? It can’t really be so fantastic can it?

    • Hi Ross and welcome to the revolution! Joking aside Testocore Advanced is making great strides in the bodybuilding world and why? Well it is completely natural, has few side effects and a lot of benefits. It has been known to show results in as little time as 4 weeks. Testocore Advanced help increase your energy levels and improve your recovery both of which help you work out for longer. They also help deliver oxygen to the blood stream and this helps build bigger muscles. Whilst not a miracle pill it is very successful.

  4. Hello there I want to start taking Testocore Advanced but I have asthma which I take medication for. In the past I have always had to be careful as some of my asthma medication contains steroids so I never wanted to risk taking anything else, but I keep hearing about how it is totally natural so I did wonder. Can I take this or will it interfere with my medication?

    • Hi Donna and Testocore Advanced is made from entirely natural ingredients but even so it is always best to talk these thing over with your GP before you start taking anything extra.

  5. My cousin has just told me about Testocore Advanced and I am really interested in it as I want to work out for longer. Can you tell me what the benefits are of taking Testocore Advanced?

    • There are many benefits to taking Testocore Advanced, Michael which I think once you start to take them you won’t look back. The benefits include providing more energy and strengthening the body. It also helps build a strong, masculine body and enhances growth hormones so that your muscles develop at a faster rate. It aids for a faster recovery and also helps supply the body with much needed nutrients. All in all helping you build the perfect body.

      • Hi I have just recieved my first bottle of test ore advance, with this product do you need to work out or go the gym to see results in muscle growth??

        • Generally these supplements are created to complement and boost your workouts. You will see plenty of benefits from just taking the supplements without working out however, if you don’t spend any time at the gym at all you may not see much change in your muscle growth.

    • Testocore Advanced is made up of many natural components. They are brought together to make your workouts run better and provide more energy. They include the following L-Citrulline which aids vitality, DI Calcium phosphate and Dipotassium which help to create nutrients, AKG and Arginine again this provides energy but also strengthens your body and L-Arginine HCA which improves body development. All sounds very complicated but they combine to build muscle safely and healthily.

  6. i am taking Testocore Advanced and I am very pleased with the results. I find I can work out for longer. Slightly more surprising is that I have found that I can now also last longer in the bedroom too. Is this another benefit of Testocore Advanced or is it a coincidence?

    • Well Ron, I am pleased to say that this is one of the benefits of taking Testocore Advanced. Many users find that it not only helps them have more energy when working out but it also helps them in the bedroom too.

    • ASHLEY,
      As for as i knew there is no rules against testosterone booster in armed forces. Military banned list of supplements that contains ephedrine and andro, steroids are flat out illegal

  7. Hello,

    I ordered TA! Quick question do I need to take a protein shake to build up muscle? Should just take TA and that’s it?

    • Dan,
      There is no danger of taking protein powder as it is naturally found in food like steak but it can mild stomach upset. TA is used to increase testosterone level in bloodstream. If you have insufficient testosterone level you have lack of energy, reduced sex drive and reduced muscle mass. By taking TA you will experience increase energy level and workout period will be extended naturally. Add plenty of high fibre foods (vegetables and fibre breads).
      Looking for your reply

    • Steve,
      TA has been developed to boost testosterone level, increase strength and aggression for powerful workout and training session. So it is good to take it with proper workout training and diet. Did your question about Military training?

  8. I have been using TA for three months now and since taking it I haven’t looked back. It’s a fantastic product with lots of benefits and it has improved my energy levels greatly which helps in other areas of my life too. Amazing!

    • Thanks Louis and it’s great to hear that you are so happy with TA. We welcome any feedback from customers so thanks for your comments

  9. alrite,im confused on how to use TA an no2 surge,do i take all four caps before training,or two before and two after,or morning and night,just want to know the best way,cant find any info anywhere,cheers

    • Diet is most important part of your workout program to get ripped. You can do workout all time but if diet is’t in check you will never achieve your desired ripped body. The body relies on foods and supplements that help to achieve huge gains.

      Egg White

        • Though it is suggested that when you are on a diet you avoid taking a step back as one usually turns into two, a meal here and there shouldn’t be a problem as long as it doesn’t become a habit and turn into more cheats than diet. Remember that the more you stick to your workout regime and diet the faster you will get results.

  10. Im 19 years of age and am fit and healthy but would like to gain muscle mass for sports. Would this be suitable for me as my T levels are high already and is it legal?

    • Hello. Thank you for your interest in our supplement. Considering your age and that you would like to use it in sports consider discussing the option with your coach as well as your physician to get the green light. So far we have no information about it being considered illegal in any professional sport however it is always good to check first. We look forward to hearing from you again.

  11. Im 19 years of age and am fit and healthy but would like to gain muscle mass for sports. Would this be suitable for me as my T levels are high already

    • I have the same question as JACK GRIFFITHS

      I’m 19, already well built, fit – but just curious about the product and keen for a trial run. Testosterone levels aside (as ours should be peaking atm) will these products enhance muscle gains and assist in fat loss in conjunction with a well balanced diet and workout regime?

      • If you have low level of testosterone you don’t respond to workout. Testosterone affects muscle mass by boosting muscle protein synthesis which influence muscles to respond to workout. This is well known relationship of testosterone level and male muscle enhancement this is reason athletes and bodybuilders are using testosterone based supplements also testosterone level before workout shown to increase motivation – Testosterone And Growth Hormones have Impact On Muscle Building. TA increase natural muscle growth by boosting testosterone level.

  12. Can you tell me what the TA is made up of please? I want to start taking it but I don’t like taking something that I am uncertain about thanks.

    • Hi Alistair and of course I can tell you about TA. You will be pleased to know it is made up of completely natural ingredients with no fillers. The components of TA are as follows:

      AKG and Arginine which provides energy and strengthens the body, L-Arginine HCA which speeds up body growth, L-Citrulline which speeds up recovery and Dipotassium phosphate

  13. Hi, in one comment you have wrote, for TA the best results come when you take it just before you work out and not at other times and in another comment you have wrote best to take it before bed… could you clarify when to take it? ps. i am also taking no2 surge

    • If you are taking TA alone than before workout is recommended. When you are taking both TA and NO2 than use No2 Surge Pre-workout and TA before Bed.

  14. hi i am wanting to start taking testocore advanced with no2 surge to get rid of body fat and build some muscle but every where i read it say only for men nothing about women so just wondering if women can take them and get the same results thanks

  15. Hi, I am just wondering is TA any type of steroids, or am i just being stupid because it affects your testosterone? also I am 19 years old and finding hard to put weight on is it suitable for me? thanks

    • Thank you for the question. Testocore Advance is not a steroid just a testosterone enhancer. Though it is ideal for building muscle perhaps you may want to consider speaking with a physician regarding whether it’s the ideal choice for you

  16. Hi there.
    I have been reading a looking into taking both products. I’m a farmer so I’m fairly active. Do I have to go to the gym and work my muscles for these products to work. Also what sort of diet is needed? Feedback would be great thanks.

    • Hi Edd and thank you for the great question. You can shape your body however you wish with TA and No2 Surge. Depending on how much you work out and how far you want to take your body you can shape it with TA. You can stop at any time when you feel that you have reached your goal and enjoy not only more defined muscles and better looking body but definitely a stronger body.

      • So if I just take the products without working out. There will still be a change? Weight loss too?That’s impressive..
        What’s sort of diet aswell?

        • Thank you for the great question. The results depend on your workout, the more you work out the better the results. Each body responds differently to working out so it is essential in general to consult with a trainer as to what is the most suitable workout for you and how often. Regarding the diet simply make sure you eat healthy. There are different diets depending on what your goals are so either research based on your goals or speak to a dietician for more information.

    • Unfortunately at this time we do not have information as to the compatibility between the two and suggest speaking with your physician as to whether you may need to stop Hydroxcut Hardcore Elite before starting Testocore Advance.

  17. hello
    Im thinking of buying Testocore advanced and No2 surge. I dont particularly want a massively/ripped body but wouldnt mind some tone to my body. What are the known side effects and will I become dependent on them because I have an addictive personality. What will happen to my body if I use them for 1 or 2 months then stop completely? Feedback would be great thanks

    • Hi and thank you for the question. How massive and built your body gets depends entirely on you. If you want to build some muscle and just form your body you can easily stop there. You shouldn’t have any problems with addiction to this product however, before you order we do suggest you speak with your physician to ensure that its suitable for you

  18. Hi I am 20 and currently out of shape. I am skinny however I have areas of fat on my body. I am looking to give both Testocore and No2 surge a try. Is this a good idea at my age, I’ve started lifting weights and am looking to start swimming.


    • Hello. Certainly this is the ideal supplement for you. It will give you more energy, help you lose fat in those hard to target areas, and the extra cardio with swimming and the weight lifting will help you reach your goals.

  19. i just ordered testocore and NO2 surge and am totally gutted to find out its only for men?? can i still take it? will it harm me very much i would like to no the side effects to this if a women takes it. will it make me fat? i go to the gym 6 days a week and eat clean, if you say its completely natural how is it that women cant take it? please reply as i have already ordered if i cant take them i have no idea what im going to do with them,

  20. when you say take a daily dose before workout and before sleep, does that mean 2 tablets of no 2 before workout and 2 tablets of testocore before sleep?

    • Feel free to contact us via email or phone to get further information on the how to take the supplement to get the best results.

    • All you have to do is provide us with your information in the free trial application. If you are having a hard time putting in your order please call or email us for more information on shipping and handling.

    • Please turn to the instruction pamphlet that comes with the bottles for more information on how to take the supplements or contact one of our helpful representatives via email or phone.

  21. hi I am thinking of purchasing both products can you advise what the cost is and if I take them on the 14 day trial will I still be charged the full price if I cancel before the 14 day period also are there any clauses in the cancellation your feedback would be appreciated regards

    • In general it is idea to take NO2 at least one hour pre workout and TA daily. Make sure you read the instructions that come with the bottles before you start taking for best results or contact one of our helpful representatives for more information.

  22. Hello, this may sound dumb but I’m 22 and want to change fat and skin into muscle. I’m also always very tired, not the healthiest in the world. I was wondering though if whilst taking testocore, do you need to workout or do certain diets? Thanks

    • Hello, actually the supplement will help you feel more energetic and motivated. It is good to work out while taking the supplement and it will certainly help you build lean muscle mass. It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking to be healthier and look better.

  23. Hi Admin,

    I’ve bought both testocore and no2 free trials. cost me about £7 all together. If at the end of the trial bottles I’m not impressed, what do I need to do? I won’t be charged for future bottles will I?

    • You can get the answers to your questions in the Terms link at the bottom of the page. There you can get information about the cancellation policy and prices if you decide to continue with the supplement. If you decide that the supplement is not for you, you have to cancel within 14 days after ordering so you don’t get charged the full price.

    • Hello, there are actually no known side effects to this supplement as it is all natural. It simply boosts your body’s natural functions.

  24. hi , just a quick question about the free trail ive just been sent , how often should i take it ? if i miss a workout can it affect me at all ? thanks !

    • Hello, don’t worry if you miss a workout however to get more information on how and when to take the supplement please contact us through email or phone.

  25. Morning,

    I’ve just received the free trial of NO2 Surge & Testocore Advanced, please can you confirm the daily dosage & best time to take them please. I have read a few different things so it would be good to know for peace of mind only.

    Thanks again

    • Thank you for the question. We suggest contacting us direct via phone or email to get exact dosage and time information. You can reach us anytime via email or call us during office hours. Thanks!

    • Hello and thank you for the question. The supplements are great for vegetarians as none of the ingredients contain any animal products.

    • Hello and thank you for the question. There are no known or reported side effects from taking this supplement as it helps to naturally boost your natural body functions rather than force your body to do something unnatural.

    • Hello. Yes it can do all of the above. The combination of ingredients ensures that you will build real lean muscle mass as well as build onto your strength through regular workouts. By balancing your metabolism it will help you lose the excess fat and thus lose weight faster.

    • Hello and thank you for the question. Actually, it can help you reduce body fat as it helps balance your metabolism and helps your body tap into the fat stores for energy. Regarding how much is possible is entirely up to you because when combined with regular exercise you can get faster results.

  26. Hi im 19, you previously said to someone who is 18 that they do not need to take TA as there testosterone levels should be high enough so i presume the same applies to me. However if i was to take it would the increase testosterone level be harmful to me in anyway? also what are all the side effects of this product?


    • Hello. Considering your age we suggest you speak with your physician to make sure that the supplement is suitable for you. Testosterone cannot be harmful but it’s good to speak to your doctor. Considering that it’s an all natural way to increase testosterone and boost the results of your workout there are no reported side effects

  27. if you get the free trial do you get charged any thing else later on down the line? Or is just the £2.99 for shipping, because i dont want to get this and then be charged a hefty amount in the foreseeable future.

    • Hello and thanks for the great question. This is why it’s a free trial offer, if you are not fully satisfied by the time the trial is over you simply cancel and send the rest of the bottle back. If you are satisfied and would like to continue receiving the supplement you will be charged the full amount. You can get more information in our Terms page. You can find a link at the bottom of the page

  28. I’ve recently had my TA & NO2 surge delivered, but don’t want to take them just yet as it doesn’t say on the container how many to take and when to take them! Please could you let me know


    • Hi and thanks for the question. To ensure you are getting the most accurate information we suggest you speak to one of our helpful representatives via phone or send us an email. We will be able to easily and quickly explain the best way to take the two supplements.

  29. Do you take these supplements on your days off (Say if im only in the gym 4 days a week) and are they okay to be combined with standard whey protein,

    • Hello, thank you for the question. It is best to contact us via email or phone to get more detailed information regarding how to take the supplements and when. We are working on getting this information up on our website soon.

  30. Hi I’ve received my trial and I’m still a little confused on dosage

    When combining testocore and no2 do I take 2 capsules of each daily or just one?

    • Hello. This information should be up on our website shortly however in the meantime you can contact one of our representatives via email or phone to get exact dosage information.

  31. Hello i just want to ask if i would be able to use TA and no2 because im 16 but am tall but not the slimmest but stocky up top aliittle already so can i use them?

    • Jack hall,
      You don’t have need to take TA and NO2 surge or any other supplement at 16. I can not suggest you these until you are 18

  32. Hi. As an 18 year old regular gym user would you advise against taking Testocore Advanced as my testosterone levels are high at this age any way, or would it still be beneficial? Additionally, do you know if there are any harmful side effects (acne possibly) of taking Testocore at this age?

    • Hi and thanks for the question. Considering your young age and the boost in testosterone which you will experience we suggest you speak with your physician before ordering. There are numerous benefits of Testocore Advance however it is ideal to first make sure that at this time it is the best choice. Regarding side effects, at this time there are no reported side effects however once you speak with your physician you will be able to get more information regarding how and if it will benefit you considering your age.

  33. hi, this product looks really great. i live in South Africa, do you post here? or is there somewhere here that i could purchase the n02 surge and the testocore?

    • Unfortunately at this time we do not ship to South Africa. We are hoping in the future that we will be able to ship internationally so please check back with us at a later time. At this time we are not aware of where you could purchase the supplement in South Africa, perhaps if you have an acquaintance in the UK that can resend it to you?

  34. Hi there, I was wondering if this product is just for your testosterone levels? I am 19, would you recommend this product for this age? If not what age is it safe to start?

    • The supplement is ideal not only to help boost testosterone levels but help you gain more energy, confidence, muscle, and feel healthier. Though it is suitable for anyone over 18 we do suggest you speak to your physician to ensure that it is the ideal supplement for you.

  35. Hello, i have been competing in international sport and am also studying a nutrition degree and am really interested in NO2 surge and Testocore advanced for both training and its effects in a nutritional / metabolic sense. I was wondering if this product has been drugs tested by an independent agency? and if the results are available?
    if not is there a FULL list of ingredients / components so that i can manually check against the published WADA list? just to be sure that it is safe in competitive sport and isn’t likely to get athletes banned on drugs charges?

    • Hello and thank you for the great question. We suggest clicking over to the official website and contacting a representative via phone or email for further information, results, and whether it is suitable to take the supplements for competitive sports.

    • Hello, for more information please visit the official website or contact a representative direct via phone or email. They will be able to better assist you and give you exact dosage information and when to take it.

    • Hello. Its great that you are working out and striving to reach your bodybuilder body however the supplements are best for those that are 18 and over. You will not be able to order the supplements without a parent, and if you do decide to it is essential to first consult with your doctor to ensure they are suitable for you.

  36. I am over 70 years old. I stopped working out because I like enrgy. But I would like to rebuild my body. I am only slightly overwieght and my body still sjows good muscle contour. I am diebetic and have colestrol problems occasioanlly. Is your products safe to take in my condition.

    • Hello! Fantastic that you want to get back on track with working out. The supplement will help you get the necessary energy boost to get back in the gym. Considering your health conditions it would be best to speak with your physician to ensure that there aren’t any problems with taking the supplement. We doubt you should have any problems with getting the ok, but best be safe.

  37. Is this stuff actually real, i mean 30 days is pretty precise to get majorly ripped like it says.
    I am 18 but looking to bulk up quick, is it safe to take at this age as i am really struggling with putting on weight.

    • Hello. You actually wont get the full ripped results within the 14 days, as that’s how long the trial is, but will see how quickly the supplement really works as you cannot get the kind of results without it this fast. You can request an extension on your trial to get a better idea of the results, but be sure to contact us before that. Regarding your age you may want to speak with your physician to ensure that it is suitable for you. This supplement is made to help you build lean muscle mass, not necessarily put on weight. Your metabolism will be more balanced and you will feel more energetic for the gym.

  38. I just bought a testocore are good for muscle mass or should I buy no2 because I do not have over weight and I drink in the morning or evening

    • Hello, great question. Generally it is best to order both supplements for best results but NO2 focuses primarily on building lean muscle mass and boosting workout effectiveness. If the instructions that come with your supplement bottle are difficult to understand please contact us via phone or email to get more information.

  39. hello, Im 20 years old, about 90kg, and my goal is to be 70kg. i am on a clean diet but without any supplement. I do try and push myself as much as i can but the core, but i find it the hardest. would testocore help me to achieve my goal? and is it safe to use?

    • : Hello and thanks for the great question. Testocore will help you not only build muscle mass but balance and boost your metabolism thus helping you lose weight and build lean muscles. Though you will certainly be able to achieve your goal weight how fast depends entirely on you and how often you take the supplement. The supplement has been clinically tested and there are no signals of negative side effects from any of our numerous satisfied customers.

  40. I have just ordered the T A and no2 surge. I am 18 years old and work out about 4/5 times a week. I am an ectomorph and weigh just under 150lbs , I really struggle to add weight and size , will these two products help me?

    • Hello and great that you are focusing on building a stronger and healthier body. Though the supplements will not help you necessarily gain weight they will help you build lean muscle mass and boost muscle growth. Considering your age you should first consult with a physician to ensure that they are the ideal choice to help you with your workout.

  41. Hi
    I’m 18 (almost 19) I go to the gym 6 times a week, each day weight training. This product looks amazing! I was wondering I’m a pretty muscular guy but I seem to lift really heavy for my age without perticuarly significant gains. Even though I’m a teenager and my testosterone is probably at its highest, will these products help me gain more muscle/lose more fat than without? And how do I buy them if I like the trial pack? If you could answer these I would appreciate it very much.

    • Hello and great job on keeping up a healthy physique. The supplements will help you build muscle faster, recover faster, and in general boost the vasodilatation thus providing more nutrients, blood, and oxygen to the muscles that need it most. They can definitely help you get results faster however, considering your age we suggest speaking to your physician first before ordering to ensure its ideal for you. As far as buying the supplement, once the trial is over simply keep the bottle and you will automatically be charged for it and the following bottles until you should decide to cancel.

  42. hello im Ali from dubai , i study in the uk , i just want to know when i should take the Pill and how many of them per day ?! thanks !

    • Hello and thanks for the question. We suggest contacting us direct via email or phone to get detailed information as to how to best take the supplements.

    • Hello and wonderful question. You need to take the supplement as long as you want or until you have reached your goal. Though we are sure that once you’ve reached your goal you will be ready to set new goals.

  43. Can you buy this without signing up for the contract of monthly bills? Also I am a 27 year old thin guy. I’m looking to bulk up and not really looking to burn fat as I’m pretty skinny. Do you recommend taking the testocore without the fat burner no2 surge?

    • A: Hello and great question. Since supplies are short we need to ensure each client with guaranteed supply, which is why there is a contract membership where each month we guarantee supply. The supplements will help you balance your metabolism thus bringing your body to its ideal weight all the while helping you build lean muscle.

  44. Well today’s my first day of taking testocore & No 2. I’ve read taking testocore in the morning & No 2 in the evening is this correct?
    How soon after taking both products can you eat?
    If what I have read is true then I can’t wait to see myself in 4 weeks’ time. I will update you all.

    • Hello! These are both great questions. Please contact us by email or phone to get exact information on when and how much to take of the supplements.

    • Hello and thanks for the great question. In order to ensure that both will be suitable for you its best to speak with your physician. You can contact us direct to get more information on how to best combine the supplement.

    • Hello. Generally, you will simply get a boost in energy and testosterone however you will not see serious results as they are meant to help you boost your workouts. They are meant to be combined to improve and boost how fast your body responds to working out.

  45. Hi there, I am interested in the product but have a couple of questions. First of all i became ill a couple of years ago and lost a lot of muscle and haven’t gained it back, I had blocked archeries and had 3 stents fitted, Is it safe for me to take ?. The other question is when you stop taking the product do you loose what you have gained or if you still train you will stay the same.
    Many thanks

    • Hi and thank you for the great question. Considering the trouble you have had it s best to speak with your physician to ensure that you don’t have any surprises. TO answer your other question: There are no worries about losing what you had achieved once you stop taking the supplement. You can either continue taking it and reach new goals or stop and maintain your body. If you stop working out and start eating unhealthy it is only natural that your body will start getting further and further from what you had initially worked so hard on.

  46. Hi there.
    I have just ordered NO2 Surge and Testocore Advanced for the first time – I also purchased a protein shake from H&B a few days which I bought before discovering these new pills. As i don’t want to waste the protein powder, can I take this while I’m using the pills or will they interfere with each other therefore I won’t get best results or will it be OK?

    • Hello and thank you for the question. Though we see no serious problem with taking the protein shake we are not aware which one it is. With that said, we suggest you speak with your doctor before taking it together with the supplements to ensure they can work together properly.

  47. Hi I recently had problems with heart palpitations as I was taking lots of different supplements(not these), my liver function has now reduced slightly, will any of these affect that?

    • Hello and thanks for the question. Considering your recent problems we suggest you speak with your doctor before purchasing the supplements. Though there are no reported negative side effects we suggest getting the opinion of a physician.

  48. Hi, I’m 23 and I’m looking to start the gym,I have just ordered Testocore Advanced and NO2 Surge.. When are the best times to take the product? What side effects will occur when using both of these? Will I need to start a certain food diet over the 4 weeks.. Looking forward to seeing some results

    • Hello and great that you are looking to improve your health and work out. You will receive instructions with your supplements with information as to the best times to take them. There are no reported side effects and as the supplements have been extensively tested without any warnings of side effects you shouldn’t have any problems. There is no need to start a special diet however a healthy diet in general is ideal and essential to get faster and better results, regardless if you are taking supplements.

    • Hello. Please contact us via phone or email to speak with one of our specialists. You can consult with them regarding when it is best to take the supplement based on your goals, workout, and age.

  49. there are no instructions on how to take the supplements, this is very confusing, everyone seems to have a different method

    what is the best way, ot should i say, what are the directions for them

    • Hello. The reason that you see everyone with different methods is because based on your age, workout, and goals a specialist can give you more exact information as to when you need to take the supplements. Please contact us via email or phone and one of our specialists will be able to help you out.
      what is the best way, ot should i say, what are the directions for them

  50. When are the best time to take the no2 surge and testocore advanced i have read all the bloggs but it says to email. thanks matt

    • Hello and thank you for the question. You have read correct. This is because we want to ensure that you take the supplement accordingly based on your workout schedule, how much you work out, your age, and goals. You can find our contact information in the Terms page located at the bottom of the page.

  51. Can you please clarify, if I am just taking TA on its own, do I just need to take one Tablet a day and to be take before a workout.

    I just realized that I received my trail pack 4 days ago and have been taking one Tablet before workout in the morning and another before bed.

    It sounds like this isn’t the way to do it unless if I am taking both TA and NO2.

    Can you correct me on this please.

    • Hello, to get best results please contact us direct via email or phone. Our specialists can help you organize an easy to follow schedule for taking the supplements based on your goals, how often you work out, and age.Actually to get best results and the best schedule for taking your supplement it is best to contact us direct via phone or email. This way we can help you set a suitable schedule based on your age, how often and how long you work out, and your goals.

  52. Hi how do I take this product? Do I take it 2 n02 pills before a work out and 2 tesocore pills before bed? Is the same for rest days?

    • Thank you for this question. For best results we suggest you speak with one of your specialists via phone or email. They will be able to help you determine what the best schedule for taking the pills will be based on the goals you have set, your age, and overall workout schedule.

  53. hi there i heard about Testocore Advanced and i am really intrested in but im just 18 years old. are there any side effects if i take it or does it suite me?

    • Hello. Generally the supplement is a great way to reach your goals and bulk up, get more energy, and in general feel fantastic. There aren’t any reported drug side effects but considering your age we strongly urge you to speak to your doctor to ensure that it is suitable for you.

  54. Hi,
    I’m 21 years old and I’ve started lifting 2 yeas ago, I’ve started using Whey protein a week ago and i want to be in a good shape, my weight is 67 Kg and i am 174Cm.
    1) Would it better for my if i use TA and NO2 Suger ?
    2) is it ok if use it now or i need to be older ?
    3) is there ans side effects of it ?
    4) can i use them with the whey protein or i have to stop using whey protein?


    • Hello. Great questions. The supplements are created to cater to men that have set goals of improving their muscle mass, energy, and overall boost results from their workout. They will help you boost results and get more energy. There are no drug side effects reported either in our test groups or by users and considering your age they should be suitable for you. As they are all natural supplements there shouldn’t be a problem with taking it when you are taking whey protein, but certainly to ensure that the combination is suitable for you either contact us direct via phone or email or simply go to your doctor to consult with them.

    • Hello and thanks for the question. To get the best answer to this question please contact one of our specialists direct via phone or email and they can help you organize the ideal schedule to take the supplements based on your age, goals, and workout.

    • Hello, please refer to our terms page where you will find a phone and email where you can contact us. Each person requires a special schedule depending on their individual weight, schedule, and goals.

  55. Hi, I have read some articles on taking TA and No 2 surge which say you should take 1 TA pill in the morning daily and 1 NO 2 surge in the evening daily but i have seen a few different responses on this forum, what is the proper way? Thanks

    • The reason you are seeing different responses is because based on each persons goals, workout schedule, body weight is different and we provide them with the most suitable schedule for taking the supplement. Please contact us via email or phone and one of our associates will be able to help you.

  56. Hi there, I’m considering to take these pills, but do you regularly have to be on them or do you give a break after a month (like the ones you give a break when you’re on normal testosterone boosters eg 6 week break) also do you have to take liver tablets and :-) what are the instructions on using them eg. An hour before workout and an hour after workout? Do you take both at same time? (You can email the reply to my email account thanks.

    • Hello, thank you for your question. At this time we are unable to provide an answer to your question from here. If you contact us direct via email or phone, which can be found in our terms page at the bottom of this page) a helpful customer service associate will be able to help you answer each in detail. This is because we strive to provide our

    • Hello. Actually, at the moment the only place that you can find these supplements is online. Feel free to order a free trial and see for yourself before committing. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the results.

  57. Hi, I just wanted to ask I do bodyweight exercises such as press ups and pull ups and sit ups but around 375 push ups so a tough workout, is it still good to take TA & No2 surge. will they be as effective? Also, on non workout days how do i take them? like the dosage or do i not take them on a non workout day?


    • Hello and thanks for the question. What the supplements do is basically boost the results from your workout, so whatever you may be doing now and whatever results you are getting from it, it will be amplified. In addition you will feel more energetic and have more endurance to pump harder and longer. You will have to email us for the second part of your question so as to help you better. Each individual has different goals and different body built and for best results we will help you determine when its best to take the supplements.

  58. Hi there, I have recently got a tub of testocore and no2 surge. I am wondering how many tablets I take of each a day ? And also what times I take which one at ? Please help.

    • ello and thank you for the great question. In order to answer this so as to have the best effect you will need to email us with your goals, measurements, age, and workout schedule to better help you set a schedule for taking the supplements.

  59. Hello… I have ordered the trail… I am old enough, I have a few questions… ( I am deaf so cannot hear on the phone)
    1) Is it possible to recieve a diet plan and a workout excecise from your staff (I am new to this bodybuilding) sent to my email …
    2) I am chubby but if i take those supplement’s is there in ANY possible way it can turn to fat if you STOP working out.


    • : Hello and thank you for the wonderful questions. We will need to better understand your workout schedule, age, and measurements to better help you set a workout schedule. Regarding the diet plant we suggest that you focus on eating healthy. Please email us direct to get more information with details. Every body responds differently to different supplements, however thus far we haven’t had any complains or reports that once the user stops taking the supplement has gained weight as long as they continue eating healthy and working out. We look forward to hearing from you.

  60. Hi , I am interested in the product but I have a lot of questions

    First how much is it ?

    Can I use it with whey protein ?

    Do you take N02 surge or Testocore Advanced on days you are not working out on?

    When are the best times to take the product?

    many thanks

  61. Hello and thank you for the great questions. You can find all cost information in the terms page. You can find a link to it at the bottom of this page. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to answer the rest of the question here as the answers differ from person to person based on their goals, weight, and schedule. Please email or call us, you can find the contact information on the Terms page as well, and a specialist will be able to guide you through each question and help you set the ideal schedule.

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